# Role Based Access Control


Role based access control (RBAC) functionality enables application admins to limit the permissions of some users within a team.

# Roles and Profiles

Here is the list user roles and profiles for the key features of SalesTim:

Features Description End-Users Catalog Managers Administrators
My teams View its own teams from the homepage
New team Create a new team based on a template
Requests approval Approve / Reject an end-user request
Manage templates Create / Update / Delete team templates, define their contents, approvers and audience targeting
Manage governance policies Define governance policies for each team template, security and permanent owners / members
View analytics View usage data and reports
Service account management Define / Remove service account
Read audit trails View company-wide and user-level audit trails
Rights management Define Catalog managers
Apps & API management Manage LoB integrations, Create / Delete App Id and App keys

# Security Groups

As of today, to access their respective features in SalesTim, Catalog Managers and Administrators must be members of the "Office 365 Global Administrators" group.
In a future release, we'll offer more granularity, especially to delegate catalog management to specific non-administrators users.