# Known Issues


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# Provisionning is stopped after enabling MFA

# Behavior / Symptom / Root Cause

If you enforce MFA for the service account AFTER it has been configured in SalesTim, the provisionning process stops to work.

Root Cause: Enabling MFA for an account resets its credentials, access token and refresh token. Therefore the service account cannot refresh its own token anymore.

# Known Workaround

Update the service account from the "Settings" tab using the "Update" button.

# Additional Infos

# "Missing Teams in List All Teams" when creating a new template

# Behavior / Symptom / Root Cause

When creating a new template in your catalog, some older teams may not appear in search results and therefore cannot be used as a cloned team.

Root Cause: Some teams that were created in the past (The old days of Microsoft Teams...) but haven't been used recently by a Microsoft Teams user aren't listed by the "list all teams" endpoint from the Microsoft Graph API.

New teams will be correctly listed. Certain old teams don't have a:

"resourceProvisioningOptions": [

property that contains "Team", which is set on newly created teams and teams that are visited in Microsoft Teams.

# Known Workaround

Reopen the team with a team owner account (To be confirmed).

# Additional Infos