# Use the SalesTim API with Power Platform beta


This article explains how to register the SalesTim API as a a custom connector for the Microsoft Power Platform. The SalesTim Connector gives you access to all the powerful features of our Governance API, such as managing your teams or start a new team provisioning job.

# Import the SalesTim API OpenAPI definitions

To import the SalesTim API OpenAPI definitions for Power Automate and Power Apps, go to powerapps.com or flow.microsoft.com.

In the navigation pane, select Data > Custom connectors.

  • Select custom connector
  • Select New custom connector, then choose Import an OpenAPI from URL.
  • Set the connector name to SalesTim
  • Paste this URL
  • Click Continue
  • Click Update connector
  • Click Close

# Next Steps

Now that you've created a custom connector, you can use the SalesTim connector from both Power Apps and Power Automate.