# Use the SalesTim API with Power Platform beta


This article explains how to register the SalesTim API as a a custom connector for the Microsoft Power Platform. The SalesTim Connector gives you access to all the powerful features of our Governance API, such as managing your teams or start a new team provisioning job.

This process only requires a few operations that could be completed in a few minutes:

  1. Register a new app registration in Azure Active Directory
  2. Import the SalesTim OpenAPI definition

# Register a new app registration in Azure Active Directory

  • Open your Azure Active Directory portal

  • Select App registrations

  • Click New registration

  • Give the app a name: SalesTim Power Platform Connector

  • Select the option Accounts in this organizational directory only

  • Use the web redirection URL: https://global.consent.azure-apim.net/redirect

  • Click Register

  • From the Overview menu, copy the Application (client) ID

  • Open the Certificates and secrets menu and click New client secret

  • Give it a name: SalesTim Power Platform Connector client secret

  • Select the option Never to prevent expiration and click Add

  • Copy the Client secret value (be careful, it will only be shown once)

  • Open the API permissions menu and click Add a permission

  • Select Microsoft Graph, then Delegated permissions

  • From the permissions list, select:

    • OpenId permissions >
      • email
      • offline_access
      • openid
      • profile
    • Directory >
      • Directory.AccessAsUser.All
    • Group >
      • Group.ReadWrite.All
    • Mail >
      • Mail.Send
    • User >
      • User.Read
      • User.Read.All
    • InformationProtectionPolicy >
      • InformationProtectionPolicy.Read
  • Then click Grant admin consent then Yes

# Import the SalesTim OpenAPI definition

To import the SalesTim API OpenAPI definitions for Power Automate and Power Apps, go to powerapps.com or flow.microsoft.com.

In the navigation pane, select Data > Custom connectors.

  • Select New custom connector then choose Import an OpenAPI from URL
  • Set the connector name to: SalesTim Connector
  • Paste this URL: https://dist.salestim.com/api/beta/open-api/power-platform/apiDefinition.swagger.json
  • Click Continue
  • Upload the connector logo that you can download from: https://www.salestim.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/color.png
  • Set the icon background color to: #000000
  • Click Security
  • Ensure that the authentication type is set to OAuth 2.0 and the identity provider is set to Azure Active Directory
  • Paste the previously copied Client id and Client secret
  • Ensure that the login url is set to: https://login.windows.net
  • Ensure that the tenant ID is set to: common
  • Set the resource URL to: https://graph.microsoft.com
  • Set the scope to: https://graph.microsoft.com/.default
  • Click Create connector
  • Click Close

# Next Steps

Now that you've created a custom connector, you can use the SalesTim Connector from both Power Apps and Power Automate.