# API SDKs beta

The SalesTim API SDKs are designed to simplify building high-quality, efficient, and resilient applications that access the SalesTim API.
The service library contains models and request builders that are generated from the SalesTim API metadata to provide a rich, strongly typed, and discoverable experience when working with the many datasets available in the SalesTim API.

To learn more about the SalesTim API, see API Reference (opens new window) or try it online with our API Explorer (opens new window).


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# Node.js SDK

Status: beta
Node.js module for the SalesTim API service. This library works both on the server with Node.js and in the browser environment with JavaScript.

See Node.js SDK Documentation.

# Powershell Module

Status: Coming Soon
PowerShell module for the SalesTim API service. Cmdlets should work in any environment supported by PowerShell Core.