# Documentation for SalesTim API

# Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to https://api.salestim.io/v1.0

Class Method HTTP request Description
ApprovalsApi approveTeamCreation POST /approvals/{approvalRequestId}/approve Approve a team creation request
ApprovalsApi rejectTeamCreation POST /approvals/{approvalRequestId}/reject Reject a team creation request
CatalogApi getCatalogTemplates GET /catalog/templates Get teams templates
CatalogApi getMyCatalogTemplates GET /me/catalog/templates Get my teams templates
HooksApi createHook POST /hooks Create a new webhook
HooksApi deleteHook DELETE /hooks/{hookId} Delete a webhook
HooksApi generateHookSignature POST /hooks/signature Generate a signature from a secret and a webhook payload
HooksApi getHooksEvents GET /hooks/events Get webhooks events
JobsApi getJob GET /jobs/{jobId} Get information about a job
LabelsApi getMyLabels GET /me/labels Get my sensitivity labels
TeamsApi addTeamMember POST /teams/{teamId}/members Add a team member
TeamsApi archiveTeam POST /teams/{teamId}/archive Archive a team
TeamsApi createTeamChannel POST /teams/{teamId}/channels Create a new team channel
TeamsApi createTeamChannelTab POST /teams/{teamId}/channels/{channelId}/tabs Create a new team channel tab
TeamsApi createTeamProvisioningJob POST /teams/provisioning Create a new team based on a template
TeamsApi deleteTeam DELETE /teams/{teamId} Delete a team
TeamsApi getTeam GET /teams/{teamId} Get a team
TeamsApi getTeamChannelTabs GET /teams/{teamId}/channels/{channelId}/tabs Get team channel tabs
TeamsApi getTeamChannels GET /teams/{teamId}/channels Get team channels
TeamsApi getTeamPrimaryChannel GET /teams/{teamId}/channels/primary Get the primary channel of a team
TeamsApi unarchiveTeam POST /teams/{teamId}/unarchive Unarchive a team
TeamsApi updateTeam PATCH /teams/{teamId} Update a team
UsersApi getUsers GET /users Retreive users from your Microsoft 365 environment

# Documentation for Models

# Documentation for Authorization

# bearerAuth

  • Type: HTTP basic authentication